BY Erin LowersPublished Apr 3, 2019

Since the viral release of "Icy Grl" in 2017, which continued to make waves in 2018, California rapper Saweetie has been dubbed an artist to watch. To follow up the release of her debut project, High Maintenance, Saweetie has returned with 20-minute EP, ICY.
Finding herself somewhere between the prominent Bay Area rap sound and the sex appeal of the likes of Trina and Lil' Kim, Saweetie makes her presence known. Opening with the Murda Beatz-produced "Trick," Saweetie quickly reminds listeners why she's here: money, family and independence.
Taking on a rework of Petey Pablo's "Freek-A-Leek," Saweetie uses "My Type" to describe her "perfect man" while highlighting her knack for creating catchy hooks and choruses to the tune of "Icy Girl." Meanwhile, Saweetie's real-life type, boyfriend Quavo of Migos, serves as the only feature of the EP, hopping on both "Tip Toes" and "Emotional," both of which showcase a collaborative energy rather than a competitive one.
Produced by Hit-Boy, the sludgy "Dripped In Ice" slows the tempo down to play up Saweetie's singing and sultry rap voice, which can sometimes be forgotten or overshadowed by high-bass production, and perhaps the downfall of following single "Hot Boy."
Regardless, at her best, Saweetie is competing with herself over heavy production and playing with melodies to create gripping hooks. Though ICY is peppered with those elements, it still feels as if she's still holding back, both lyrically and contextually. Though Saweetie may be icy, it may be time to set her sight on being platinum in the future.
(ICY / Artistry / Warner Bros.)

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