Savages Mod Club, Toronto ON, July 16

Savages Mod Club, Toronto ON, July 16
It's easy to feel a sense of intimidation when attending a Savages show. The British four-piece have cultivated a confident, self-assertive sound that has not only garnered them praise from fans and critics alike, but has also painted a certain serious persona. One listen to their debut album, Silence Yourself, and it's clear why fans might feel anxious to stand in a room and stare lead singer Jehnny Beth in the eyes, which she most definitely does, not to mention the stir they created earlier this year with a sign at their show demanding show goers to drop their phones and not take photos.

But it's that swirl of nervous energy, bubbling towards the surface at any point, that makes a Savages show such a compelling experience; its intensity drives the set like a train hurdling straight for your senses.

The precision behind their performance just sharpens the sound. For a newly-formed band, Savages has the gravitas of a well-seasoned act and it can be felt through Fay Milton's meticulous drumming, Ayse Hassan's menacing bass lines and Gemma Thompson's cutting guitar riffs. But, Savages' main driving force is Beth.

She's a twitching time bomb onstage, waiting for the opportune moments to spit a string of repetitive words at you, such as on "Husbands" or single "She Will." She is unabashed and her aforementioned thousand-mile stare is a sensation that can be felt no matter where you stood at the show. And that is not an acquired skill, that is something Beth excels at naturally and her effortless stage presence should send chills down your spine. Savages deliver a show that's more commanding and fierce than any rollercoaster ride or any horror film; exhilarating experiences just won't feel the same after.