BY Chantel OuelletPublished Apr 30, 2019

Every once in a while, you can expect Toronto music mainstays to mix it up, combine some new people and see what results. Sauna are one of those experiments, and the result is the perfectly balanced dark electro EP.
Sauna's vocals and synth are provided by Michael le Riche (Fake Palms) and the rhythm section is composed of Zach Bines (Weaves) and Braeden Craig (Greys). EP has an undeniable darkness to it with a rhythmic, deep bass that permeates from its opener, "Birds on a String," all the way to its final track, "Folded Hands."
Each throbbing bass line carries you on a wave and then offers a breath of fresh air with its crisp synth. The result is an album that feels comfortable in combining its influences.
EP makes you want dance, that's undeniable; however, it's the kind of dancing that happens right as last call hits and you're unsure of where your friends are. The kind of dancing that is more swaying with your arms up and your head thrown back, the disco ball above you the only thing in focus. Sure, on its own, each element would be jarring, but together, well that's just divine.
(Idée Fixe)

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