Saschienne Unknown

Techno auteur Sascha Funke returns to Kompakt for his third full-length and his most complete work to date. This time around, talented musician, singer and wife Julien Dessagne joins him. Julien's dauntless presence on vocals brings a refreshing dynamic to Sascha's process, and while there remain strong characteristics of his previous productions, there's something much deeper and more expressive at play. As Saschienne, the two present a journey through the relentless struggles of love and creativity. The record's tense first half explores dissonance and discord, each track feeding off the last in a disconcerting fight for control. By the album's conclusion, a warm sense of unity is felt as aggressive sounds transition to softer passages, complete with budding harmonies and playful banter. Those surrendering themselves to the album's narrative will enjoy how the release plays out. Unknown is a love story, but it's also a gallant display of two veteran artists hitting their creative stride. (Kompakt)