Sarazino Ya Foy!

Sarazino's third release is a multi-lingual and Transnational effort to express celebration in several musical and spoken languages. Producer/writer Lamine Fellah sets out to ignite a world party and largely accomplishes his goals by drawing on dance and pop styles from North Africa to Latin America. Strong reggae and ska influences permeate the album, with tracks such as opener "Iheyo!" and "Ecos de Radio Iguana" filtering the Caribbean sounds through Fellah's patchwork of international textures. Toots Hibbert guests on "People" but the presence of reggae royalty in no way overshadows the album. Sarazino's genre-bending songs take centre stage, whether it's the optimistic "On Va Tout Changer," the utopian "One Big World" or "Mundo Babilón 2," featuring King Chango's Blanquito Man. Ya Foy! is the shape of things to come: borders transgressed, cultures collapsed, good times had. (Cumbancha)