Sarah Davachi Reissues Three Out-of-Print Albums

The Canadian artist's 'Dominions,' 'Vergers' and 'All My Circles Run' are all getting new pressings
Sarah Davachi Reissues Three Out-of-Print Albums
Photo: Sean McCann
After releasing her Pale Bloom album earlier this year, Sarah Davachi is set to bring three entries in her back catalogue back into print.

The Canadian composer's 2016 albums Dominions and Vergers, as well as 2017's All My Circles Run, are all set to see limited, self-released reissues.

Dominions, which is available now, has received a limited second pressing on black vinyl. Vergers and All My Circles Run will receive limited cassette reissues in October. Further information can be found through Davachi's Bandcamp page.

Davachi is set to tour the United States, U.K., Europe and Brazil later this year. You can find her itinerary here.