Santa Sangre Feast for the New Gods

While Santa Sangre may offer little in the way of technical innovation, breaking vital new ground or redefining aggressive music as it is currently known, Santa Sangre's strength and appeal lies in the fact that they are content in pummelling the listener continually, relentlessly and methodically throughout this disc's 34 minutes. Feast for the New Gods sees Santa Sangre mining straightforward, mid-paced metallic thrash-derived hardcore, both in tempo and breaks, coupled with '90s death metal-inspired hostility, aggression and sound (minus the breakneck speeds), down-tuned riffs, Death-like vocals and the occasional Sabbath-inspired, Southern doom rock excursion. Opener "Bury Your Dreams" and "Dead King" bear witness to Santa Sangre's implacable advance, grinding everything it encounters into dust through sheer competency and bulk. Feast For The New Gods isn't an original offering, but it's proficiency and utilisation of hardcore's traditionally favourite staples will endear it to anyone who has grown weary of technical hardcore's advances and just wants to throw down. (Eulogy)