Sandy Pearlman & Bones

"Grains of Land" (ft. P.O.S)

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Sep 15, 2016

On their upcoming Spare Parts album, Sandy Pearlman & Bones explore both the real world of rap and a fictional world of their own making. Before they invite you in to hear the whole thing, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive preview of the album's darkest moment, "Grains of Land."
The song lands right after the conceptual world's apocalypse — the result of a bomb that wipes out a digital virus that had infected society. You may think that the duo was playing Plague Inc. or something, but the reality is much deeper: the fictional plague stands as a representation for how MC Bones views our current world.
Musically speaking, Sandy Pearlman's beat is a little more understated than the story's bomb, with synths that swell and stop suddenly under an on-and-off bass line. The experimental side really shines on a bona fide mid-song breakdown that you might expect from a metalcore band.
The momentum doesn't stop there, though, as it's followed up by a guest verse from Doomtree's P.O.S, adding some extra sonic diversity "cred" to the song.
Spare Parts drops September 20 with an album release show slated for September 23 at Toronto's Edenhall. First, listen to the album's climactic "Grains of Land" below.

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