Sanction The Infringement of God's Plan

Sanction  The Infringement of God's Plan
The artwork for the latest Sanction EP, The Infringement of God's Plan, is an apt visual preview of its chaotic sonic content. Over these 20 minutes of unfiltered darkness, the Long Island band convey a strong sense of evil-natured character in the songwriting and production value. Nihilistic lyrics and dissonant breakdowns are presented in slightly below-par recording quality, which enhances the music's feeling.
Sanction is a visitation to the sounds that stemmed from the Midwestern metalcore scene of the late 1990s. While their appreciation for the bare bones of this genre is clear, the song structure in "Fixated Upon a Figure" serves as a stepping stone between '90s heroes like Martyr A.D. and noteworthy 2000s deathcore acts like Elysia.
"Untitled" is a brief moment that lacks inspiration here (it couldn't even inspire a title?), but even that song delivers jarring riffs and plentiful snare drum pops. And it's a rare misstep: Anthony DiDio of Vein contributes some discomforting guest vocals to EP highlight "Sixhundredthirtyone," and the rest of The Infringement of God's Plan is consistently great, backing listeners into a corner until they're ensnared by this nauseous form of entertainment. (Reconsider Records)