San Fermin "Sonsick" (video)

San Fermin 'Sonsick' (video)
San Fermin composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone is based in Brooklyn, but he wrote his self-titled debut album in a studio in the mountains between Alberta and British Columbia. It's a concept album with character-specific musical themes and is intended to be heard as a whole, but he's nevertheless released the song "Sonsick" as a stand-alone music video.

This is a lushly orchestrated, horn-rich pop number. The video shows a family getting ready for a birthday next to their trailer in the forest. The young girl eventually wanders off and has an adventure of her own. The clip gets increasingly surreal towards the end, as the girl encounters a large bull and we learn who the birthday party is really for.

"Sonsick" is available now on iTunes through Downtown Records. San Fermin will follow on September 17.