Sam Tudor Shares New Song "Same as Me"

The single is Tudor's first taste of new music since his 2021 full-length 'Two Half Words'

BY Kaelen BellPublished Mar 24, 2022

Sam Tudor has shared a new song called "Same as Me," the folk-pop songwriter's first new music of 2022 following the release of Two Half Words last year. 

In a statement about the delicate, flickering track, Tudor wrote: 

This song is inspired by an amalgam of a bunch of feelings - a sense of placelessness, the burnout that comes from being a people-pleaser, loneliness in a crowd. It's also inspired by the experience of desperately holding onto your last bit of idealism; protecting it carefully like it's a moth in hand (or something). 

But it's less about any one thing and more just me trying to give audio form to a very specific kind of melancholy I was feeling when I wrote the song mid-pandemic. I feel like as people we often work so hard to 'uphold' things - to be the foundation for your own ideologies - while not even being sure they are your ideologies. 

But the experience of "upholding" can be exhausting, and when I wrote this song I felt like I was in the quiet place on the other side of "upholding" - a place of surrender and a sense of grief, but also maybe a little bit hopeful because that surrender makes space for something new.

There's a soft, airborne momentum to "Same as Me," featuring threads of vocoder, saxophone from Ben Dwyer and some glimmering harp courtesy of Màiri Chaimbeul. "Are you the same as me? / Do you have what I have? / Rolling off a shooting star, into real life," Tudor sings over his fluttering guitar and a subliminal, synthetic pulse. Check it out below. 

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