Sam Jr. Shares Video for New Single "LETS GO SURFIN IN THE USA"

The song was produced by Death from Above 1979's Sebastien Grainger

Photo: Andrew McGill

BY Kaelen BellPublished Oct 11, 2023

Broken Social Scene's Sam Jr. released his debut solo album Sam Jr. last year, and today, we get another taste of the songwriter's solo material with new single "LETS GO SURFIN IN THE USA," via Arts & Crafts. Mixed by Sebastien Grainger of Death from Above 1979, the track is a corroded, slo-mo rock song that moves like crude oil. 

In a statement about the song, Sam Jr. said:

The inspiration for this song struck during a post-pandemic tour with Broken Social Scene in the US, a place I hadn't visited in a while. I saw some dark shit. The song is from the perspective of the darkness taking hold of people, but the punchline, which I only say once, is "LET'S GO SURFIN' IN THE USA," a nod towards the good that's still left. The tune captures this contrast, acknowledging the challenges while celebrating the inherent goodness and beauty. It's a reminder to focus on the positives amid the new darkness.

"LETS GO SURFIN IN THE USA" comes attached to a trippy animated video from Marcus Fichtinger. "This music video follows a carrot stuck between two worlds," Fichtinger said. "Is it a nightmare? Is it the matrix? What's up with the Tomato? And who is to say? We are witnessing the high-pressure chase of a carrot against all odds. I hope you enjoy the trip!"

Check out the video below. 


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