Sam Gellaitry Escapism III

Sam Gellaitry  Escapism III
Escapism III is the third instalment in Sam Gellaitry's Escapism saga. The 20-year-old's latest release evolves from his prior chapters and revels in cinematic flair and experimental production.
While less glitchy than the first and lighter on percussion than the second, Escapism III showcases Gellaitry's remarkable progression as an artist. Orchestral displays feature prominently here, with opener "Jungle Waters" playing with harp, distant brass, and blithe strings in its intro, which incorporates rattling bass and prominent tabla. Similarly, "Acres" starts with soaring strings before pulling back to reveal brief acoustic guitar, then drops right into the beautiful erhu, matched with flitting vocals and dabs of piano.
If you haven't been paying attention, now is the time to start keeping an eye on Gellaitry. (XL)