Salem Finally Prep Debut Full-Length

Salem Finally Prep Debut Full-Length
Chicago/New York/Michigan-based trio Salem have been a blog favourite since they first appeared with their early singles a few years back. Promoting a bizarre, unsettling sound that the group describe as an amalgamation of "black metal, Southern rap, early goth, screw and juke," their creepy tracks have raised more than a few eyebrows. Well, that creepy inventiveness will continue this fall when Salem drop their debut album.

Sticking with the dark vibe, the album is called King Night. Out of the 11 tracks, "Frost," "Trapdoor" and "Redlights" have been released on previous singles and can be heard on the band's MySpace here. The other eight tracks haven't been released in any other form, so they'll be new for even the biggest Salem obsessives.

King Night will be released by IAMSOUND on September 28.

King Night:

1. "King Night"

2. "Asia"

3. "Frost"

4. "Sick"

5. "Release Da Boar"

6. "Trapdoor"

7. "Redlights"

8. "Hound"

9. "Traxx"

10. "Tair"

11. "Killer"