BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished Feb 12, 2013

Within the small space of seven tracks, Saffron put forth a passionate exploration of Persian and Indian philosophies. The five-member collective (vocalist Katayoun Goudarzi, pianist Kevin Hays, percussionist Abhiman Kaushal and accomplished sitarist Shujaat Husain Khan) leverage the poetry of 13th-century Persian Muslim poet/philosopher Rumi in a respectful fashion via impressionistic musical backing and vocal interpretations. The result is Dawning, an immersive and contemplative aural experience. Within the short run time, the sitar-/table-/sax-driven record is best listened to holistically, which isn't to say that each individual track lacks impact on its own. But experienced as a whole, Dawning reveals itself with Goudarzi's measured interpretation of Rumi's texts, a genuine master class in sitar and an overall palliative energy that illuminates a rich and textured reverence for Persian and Indian poetics.

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