Sacros Sacros

Chile was never a stranger to psychedelic folk rock, developing such talent as Los Blops, El Congreso and Los Jaivas. Amongst those groups are lesser known but equally significant Chilean rock band Sacros. Their self-titled debut, and only recorded album, was created in 1973 for state label IRT, only to be later destroyed by the military dictatorship. Called one of the rarest recorded albums from Latin America, since only a few copies survived, it is now being released for the first time to the world courtesy of Shadoks Music. Sacros took much of their inspiration from the ancient gods of past Latin American civilizations, such as the Mayans and the Incas, therefore much of the material on the album plays on cosmic themes. However, certain songs take on a more protest form, speaking out against the oppressive regime in power at the time. Sacros's self-titled debut is a powerfully stirring album if viewed within the context of the time and place it was recorded. (Shadoks)