Sacred Hoop Go Hogwild

It’s been over five years since Sacred Hoop’s last album, the overly slept on Sleepover, but they’ve finally returned with their best release to date. Luke Sick’s down-and-out lyrical debauchery has never sounded so good over Vrse Murphy’s catchy, underground party rap productions, which he instils with a quirky element via the use of children’s records and old movie samples. The Hoop also continue to embrace the DJ, with cuts from Quest and Raw B. adding another layer of true hip-hop to the mix. And regular rap collaborators Jihad and Z-Man, of Third Sight and One Block Radius, respectively, are naturals at fitting in with Luke’s rap style, running the gamut from drugs and alcohol to sex to hip-hop culture, all told with a scathing sense of humour. While Go Hogwild is filled with great songs, some obvious highlights are worth mentioning, like Luke and Z-Man’s ode to hot hoochies on "Chicks Pack Heat,” Luke’s solo ode to alcohol on "Bartender,” the bleak, hard-rocking "Future’s Ruined” and the light-hearted "Fun Style.” Plus, the final song, "Hogs of Rap,” a blend of many short songs similar to the Beastie Boys’ "B-Boy Boullibaise” off Paul’s Boutique, should not be overlooked. Sacred Hoop may have been absent for a few years but Go Hogwild proves they’ve been using that time to perfect their craft. (Independent)