Ryan Adams Demolition

In order to win the race of most prolific, Ryan Adams still has to keep pace with Ani Difranco, who's kept it up for 13 years now, but since 1996, Adams has birthed four full-lengths with his previous band, Whiskeytown, plus two solo albums and now Demolition, a full-length of very finished unreleased tracks and dust-collectors. This from a man who already included a second disc of extras on the initial pressing of his last album, Gold, and still has time to play with Elton John and be in Gap commercials with Willie Nelson. He hasn't had a significant dip in quality yet, and dammit if Demolition isn't a perfectly solid collection of his Springsteen-esque muse, but like Difranco, he'll soon start to suffer from consumer fatigue. If you're really keen, Demolition won't disappoint, but for the merely curious, pick up his first album Heartbreaker, or Whiskeytown's Faithless Street or Pneumonia instead. (Lost Highway)