Rush "Closer to the Heart" (live video)

Rush 'Closer to the Heart' (live video)
In the words of Paul Rudd, prepare to be Rushified! Canadian prog-rock trio Rush are releasing their R40 Live concert film on November 20, and, as a preview, they've rolled out the clip for "Closer to the Heart."

This song comes from 1977's A Farewell to Kings, and it finds guitarist Alex Lifeson doubling up with both a 12-string acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. After plucking his way through the mellow folk intro, drummer Neil Peart bing-bongs his way through a short break on bells before the tune turns into the kind of complex rocker that Rush are known for.

Watch the clip below [via A.V. Club] and — to once again quote Paul Rudd — get some Neil Peart all up in ya.

R40 Live can be pre-ordered here.