Run the Jewels Are Action Figure Heroes in "Walking in the Snow"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Dec 29, 2020

Run the Jewels are capping off their momentous year surrounding the release of RTJ4 with a new animated video for the album's "Walking in the Snow."

The stop motion feature was directed by Chris Hopewell of Jacknife Films & Black Dog Films, who also worked on the pair's 2017 video for "Don't Get Captured." The new clip finds El-P and Killer Mike in the middle of an action figure uprising reminiscent of Robot Chicken and KaBlam!, which about as badass as you'd expect.

"It was great to work with the RTJ guys again," Hopewell said of the project in a statement. "Everyone was very aware of the gravity of the subject matter and RTJ didn't want to be too obvious or on the nail with the visuals, so we went with an '80s style fantasy look with evil snow warriors and their icy king oppressing the bedroom toys. It was great to be involved with a project with a positive vibe to end a pretty fucked up year."

RTJ4 arrived earlier this summer, and snagged the No. 4 slot on Exclaim!'s 50 Best Albums of 2020. The duo's latest video follows a number of visual releases tied to the record, including "Yankee and the Brave" and "Out of Sight." 

Watch the video below.

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