Ruins Spun Forth as Dark Nets

Though they’re lacking when it comes to immediately riveting moments, a few listens uncovers Ruins’ ability to texture subtleties delicately and cleverly, colouring the initially bland Dark Funeral tribute. They persistently attempt to keep the songs interesting by manoeuvring in and out of sonic oddities, randomly busting into weighty grooves and often slowing the pace to give the record a more sinister atmosphere. This penchant for change gives them a dynamic that is mostly lacking in the murky world of plague metal — also known as the bastard demon child of black and death metal. While there is many a traditional blast beat, the drummer is noticeably more creative then many of his plaguing counterparts, making good use of different cymbals and knowing when the break-neck blasting needs a creative interludQe. Overall, Spun Forth as Dark Nets isn’t about to make history but it shows promise and is mildly more intriguing than most. (New York Night Train)