Rude City Riot Nothin' But Time

If you replaced the up-strokes with down and the horns with another guitar, Vancouver, BC's Rude City Riot could be Canada's next Chixdiggit ― that is to say, creators of some incredibly well crafted, straight-ahead, insanely catchy pop punk. The phrasing of the verses and the expert creation and execution of a killer chorus (not to mention the lead vocals of singer Dustin Lionhart III, which are pretty similar to Chixdiggits' K.J. Jansen) are pretty much where the comparisons end though, because Rude City Riot like to ska the hell out of their stuff, and they do it impressively well ― doubly so considering this is their debut. The seven-piece shine on "Victoria," an anthem about a troublesome girl (or is it a city?), and "Rudies Don't Care." Both open with that beloved ska brass and continue like the best of favourite commercial ska punks Reel Big Fish and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. A select group of people will treasure this, with Rude City Riot keeping the ska dream alive. (Stomp)