Ruby Coast/ Politique/ The Weathermakers Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa ON October 16

Ruby Coast/ Politique/ The Weathermakers Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa ON October 16
Aurora, ON’s Ruby Coast partially represent the zeitgeist of the internet generation, mounting a fan base with nary a record label, no Much/MTV support and nothing more than a MySpace page. Drawing a crowd that took bands like Low or Sebadoh a half-decade to accumulate, Ruby Coast rewarded the taste-making audience with a highly fervent live performance.

But first up was Ottawa’s the Weathermakers, whose act portrayed the group as the musical equivalent of a bad relationship. Featuring bassist’s Natasha Beaudin’s Mint Records-inspired vocals married with drummer Matt Deline’s Fat Wreck Chords posturing, the Weathermakers created a sound more dysfunctional than description suggests. Sadly, Beaudin and Deline spent the larger part of the set struggling for dominance when they should have been bonding.

Contrasting the Weathermakers’ insecure outing was a performance by Politique, perhaps Ottawa’s most charismatic recitalists. Led by lead singer Mallory’s vocal organics and supported by the band’s sub-organics, Politique delivered a set seeping with self-belief, buoyancy and force. While most female vocalists are milking the Feist/Metric shtick, Mallory finds the juices of Berlin and Human League much more nutritious. Politique wrapped up a well-received set as the audience began to migrate towards the front of the stage.

The five members of Ruby Coast kicked off their show with calorific and well-ventilated renditions of tracks from their debut EP, Projectable Collections. Vocalist/ guitarist Justice McLelland was indeed in fine form, churning hooks with to rare ease while feeding off of the liveliness of the evening. Looking like veterans of the live performance, Ruby Coast pushed through each note and melody with a courteous "pardon me.”

Drawing comparisons to a growing sector of young Canadian indie rock bands like Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians, Ruby Coast delivered a set showing a band proudly wearing their indie promise rings, pledging to grow old with a scene that has already shown interest.