Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra Extra Old Skool

It would be impossible to capture Winnipeg funk-ska band RWPO’s incredible live show in the studio, but with Extra Old Skool they come pretty close. The band makes sure you know they’re from Manitoba. Songs about their home province, such as “Portage la Prairie,” and “Sweet Home Manitoba” are rivalled in number only by the songs about Club Beer. “The three greatest things in the world,” according to RWPO, “are, in no particular order, the Manitoba Moose, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and Club Beer!” A number of guest musicians make appearances on the album, including a violin player and a rapper, MC Pog Mo Thoin. They add to the sound of the regular line-up; guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and horns (sax, trombone, trumpet & sousaphone.) RWPO’s ska songs tend to be the only ones with an actual message. Two of the album’s best songs “Fascist Regime” and “Morning Tory,” happen to be the two political songs. “Fascist Regime,” (reminiscent of Buck-O-Nine) is probably the most upbeat song on the disc. The highlight of “Extra Old Skool” is certainly “Man of the North,” a reggae-influenced funk song, with memorable lyrics (“I asked for lovin’ and she gave me Mr. Clean”), a great bass line and one of the better horn parts. Although, Extra Old Skool is a relatively short CD, the band packs in a lot of music, as well as some funny skits featuring “Dwayno & Reggie,” two stereotypical Canadians (eh?) who wear Sorels and drink lots of Club. The skits contribute to the overall humour of the album, which must have been as much fun to record as it is to listen to. I would recommend Extra Old Skool to anyone who enjoys funk, ska, or just a good laugh. (Bacteria Buffet)