Rotten Sound Cycles

This latest full-length from Finland’s finest kicks off with a nod to the old school: 51 seconds of crawling chainsaw guitar grind that’s equal parts Entombed and Carcass. Then, after taking a millisecond to turn things around, the band launch into their grindcore, which has always been second only to the mighty Nasum. With a crystalline production, this is far from sloppy underground grind; it’s delivered with precision and despite its simplicity, the band show their musical talents while playing both blindingly fast and, well, a bit slower: "Units,” "Simplicity,” heck, most songs here use both these approaches. "Days to Kill” again references the old school before bringing the modern grindcore, and it’s in this mixture of sounds that Rotten Sound shine. These albums are starting to blur together but when it’s this good, and in a genre where innovation isn’t always necessary, it really doesn’t matter. Another deadly document from one of the best grind bands of today. (Spinefarm)