Rotersand Welcome to Goodbye

Rotersand’s talent shines insanely on this album of introspective electronic music by sadistically bashing out heavy, industrial-influenced beats mixed with underlying dark, atmospheric melodies. Originally consisting of Rasc and Gun, a duo whose previous experiences have included working with the likes of the Fair Sex, 1am, and Warm, it was a collaboration with Krischan’s underground techno influences that gave their sounds life. A brief title track introduces the album in a sweetly sorrowful manner. The group proceed to throw out sweeping dance floor tracks like "The Last Ship Pt. 1” accented well by an emotionally driven future-pop side represented in "By the Waters” and "All in All.” Other unexpected gems include an upbeat homage to the old Doctor Who series ("Exterminate Annihilate Destroy”), a great (albeit slightly generic) example of the group’s energetic dark music entitled "Alive,” and a fittingly emotionally distraught "Angels Falling” that closes the disc. You can expect powerful synth beats, emotive vocals and a dark spirit throughout this release. Despite only being their second full-length album, Welcome to Goodbye exhibits drastic improvement from Truth Is Fanatic making this a disc worth taking a chance on. (Metropolis)