Rostam Goes Skinny-Dipping on New Single "In a River"

Rostam Goes Skinny-Dipping on New Single 'In a River'
Former Vampire Weekend music maker Rostam is back with another solo offering.
Following his debut solo album Half-Light and a collaborative record with the Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser, Rostam has unveiled a new song called "In a River."
The mandolin-driven tune marks Rostam's first to be written with the instrument, and he road-tested it on tour earlier this year. After playing it more than 20 times live, with increasing crowd participation, he booked time at Vox Studios in Los Angeles to record the song.
"When we got in the studio, I knew I wanted to capture the feeling we got when we played it live, so I pulled the audio off a YouTube clip from a few nights prior — in San Francisco — and dropped it in the Pro Tools session," he explained in a press release. "That audio became a road map for how the song should move. The tempo fluctuates widely— kicking up as the drums enter and the violins solo, then settling into a slower groove when we get back to the chorus, finally slowing down even more as the song ends with the 808 bass and vocals. "
It's a song of new love and careless abandon, that speaks of floating down a river at night with no clothes on and spending the night on a beach. Summer's barely over, but it will already make you miss it.
Listen to "In a River" and follow along with its accompanying lyric video below.