Rosetta A Determinism Of Morality

Since their inception, Rosetta have struggled to shirk the post-metal tag that (somewhat rightly) adheres to them like shit on a running shoe. Looking to shake it once and for all, with third album A Determinism Of Morality (ADOM), the band are finally on-track to accomplish that seemingly unattainable goal in the strangest of ways. Advancing without entirely alienating their core, ADOM's tracks embrace a vicious hardcore angle, coupled with their inherently elaborate structures and drastically offset highs and lows. The general sensation ends up feeling like a mixture of progressive hardcore slipping into intricate comas while still brushing elbows with Pelican and some of the most casual, ambient moments since Pink Floyd's overindulgence. Yes, the obligatory Isis comparisons will come flying forth faster and dirtier than bugs on a windshield, but at least ADOM offers some sort of delicate abrasion to eventually lose the residue. (Translation Loss)