Rose Windows Sign to Sub Pop for Debut Album

Rose Windows Sign to Sub Pop for Debut Album
Seattle's Sub Pop has expanded its roster into global territory over the years, though it's always maintained a healthy local presence on the label. The latest Pacific Northwest addition is Rose Windows, who will issue their debut LP The Sun Dogs through the imprint on June 25.

A press release notes that the psychedelic folk-rock outfit's first full-length blends classic rock influences like the Doors, Black Sabbath and the Band with textures of Persian, Indian and Eastern European music. Following a few demo recording sessions, The Sun Dogs was recorded with producer Randall Dunn (SunnO))), Boris, Earth) last spring at Seattle's Avast! Studios.

Thematically, band leader/guitarist Chris Cheveyo said the LP tackles "the everyday blues that capitalism and its hit man, religion, bring on all of us." Sonically, tracks like "This Shroud" are said to home in on mystical riffs, while "Walkin' with a Woman" explores crossroads-blues.

You can sample what the band have to offer via the record's "Native Dreams," which you can nab from the price of an email in the widget down below.

The Sun Dogs:

1. The Sun Dogs I: Spirit Modules
2. Native Dreams
3. Heavenly Days
4. Walkin' With a Woman
5. Season of Serpents
6. Wartime Lovers
7. Indian Summer
8. This Shroud
9. The Sun Dogs II: Coda