Romney Getty Ramblin Girl

After spending much of the last two years touring Canada, England and Australia, this Collingwood, ON-based singer-songwriter finally has a release that shows off her immense talents to their fullest extent. Getty’s rich, bluesy voice is the first thing to command attention, but with above-average guitar-playing abilities and an equally distinctive songwriting style, she truly is the complete package. In fact, she also seems at home with almost every roots-y style, from the dark, brooding opener "For Seasons” to the soulful country weeper "I’ll Meet You.” A deliciously swampy production and guest appearances from Bob Egan and Colin Cripps are added attractions but nothing can muscle in on Getty’s compelling performances on each track, exemplified by a strong cover of Hank Williams’ "Ramblin’ Man,” recast as the title track. With enough sheer guts and charisma to cross virtually any genre barrier, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Getty became the next major breakthrough from the Canadian roots rock scene. (Augustus)