Romi Mayes Feels Lucky Tonight This Spring

Romi Mayes Feels <i>Lucky Tonight</i> This Spring
Over the course of four previous LPs, Winnipeg songstress Romi Mayes has carved out a niche with her dark and dirty blues stylings. Now, she's getting ready to keep the momentum going with her fifth full-length, Lucky Tonight, due out April 26.

Dubbed an "electric duo album," the collection was recorded live in concert with guitarist Jay Nowicki of the Perpetrators. This means that the whole thing was done live in one take, and a press release calls it "one more victory in this bad ass guitar playin lady's discography."

In addition to fiery blues jams, the ten-song collection promises to offer "honest sultry, sweet and sexy tunes that have schooled young men and made the grown men cry."

You can download the punchy title track for free right here. It's steeped in boozy blues grit and features fiery guitar interplay and sassy, snarling vocals, as well as some whoops and cheers from the live crowd. Check out the album cover above and see the tracklist below.

Lucky Tonight:

1. "Easy on You"
2. "Don't Mess with Me"
3. "Heavy Heart"
4. "Lucky Tonight"
5. "Ball and Chain"
6. "Make You Love Me"
7. "After the Show"
8. "Not My Baby"
9. "Can't Get You Off (My Mind)"
10. "I Will"