Robyn, Mapei and Blood Orange Cover Neneh Cherry's "Buffalo Stance"

The first release from a "forthcoming collaboration album" out later this year

BY Kaelen BellPublished Mar 3, 2022

It's a big day in the world of left-field Swedish pop — Robyn has joined forces with fellow Swede Mapei to cover Neneh Cherry's iconic 1988 single "Buffalo Stance." 

Robyn and Mapei's version features production from Blood Orange, and the trio slow down Cherry's ebullient original, layering it in swaying guitar and touches of gritty texture. 

The remix is billed as the first release from a "forthcoming collaboration album" out later this year. In a statement about the new version of "Buffalo Stance," Cherry said: 

I love that I could write an essay with all the things I could say about Robyn and I love that she leaves me speechless at the same time. I've known Robyn for three decades; she is my sister, my friend, my family, a creative inspiration. So to have Robyn doing her version of a new life interpretation of "Buffalo Stance" is an absolute honour… and with Dev Hynes and Mapei, this is what dreams are made of!

Robyn also posted a series of tweets about her reimagining of the song and relationship to Cherry's music, writing "my friend and I spent most of our [summer of 1989] playing cards and listening to Raw Like Sushi. Even though I didn't understand all the words I knew that she was on my side."

Listen to Robyn, Mapei and Blood Orange's take on "Buffalo Stance" and check out Robyn's tweets below. 


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