Robocop Kraus Living With Other People

I can’t help but be a little sceptical of the Robocop Kraus. We’ve seen a number of tie-sporting, ’80s-born dance punk bands pop up over the last year and it’s starting to get hard to tell between those with actual talent and those just riding the wave. But don’t worry, Robocop Kraus land a little to the left on that scale and actually come up with a decent album in Living With Other People. Classic influences aside, Robocop Kraus would be best suited somewhere between Hot Hot Heat and Q and Not U, though that may be giving them less or more credit than they deserve. The toughest thing to judge with this style of music tends to be a band’s sincerity level and Robocop Kraus seem pretty indecisive there. Now and then though, sincerity can stand down for neurotic intensity with results just as good. It also helps when the recording sounds this accurate and polished, right down to the crisp horns, old-school synth and chorus-line passes. This could be pretentious, it could be a sad attempt at being hip or it could just be a good record. I haven’t fully decided, so I’ll give it a few more spins. (L'age D'or)