Robin Thicke The Evolution of Robin Thicke

First off, I’m hatin’ on Robin Thicke. Despite the fact that Robing (son of TV’s Alan Thicke) is one cool cat no one should be entitled to a wife (actress Paula Patton) that fine. But while it would be all too easy to dismiss Robin Thicke as just another wannabe blue-eyed soul singer something about the earnestness of his latest endeavour gives one pause. While The Evolution of Robin Thicke has been floating around — unheralded — since last year, the surprise success of "Lost Without U” prompted his label to push out this "deluxe version” and actually give Thicke some promotion. With a funky falsetto and predilection for smoothed out R&B one would think that Thicke is the next big thing. I wasn’t impressed when I heard first single "Wanna Love U Girl” (featuring Pharrell): "Her attitude is hotter than the Earth’s core”? But what Thicke lacks in lyrical fortitude he makes up in sheer solemnity — this dude is for real. Unless it’s all an act, I believe that he lives and breathes R&B/soul. I believe it when he sings: "U want to stay warm and get out of the cold with me” on "Lost Without U.” And I believe that the cameos by Lil’ Wayne ("All Night Long”) and Faith Evans ("Got 2 Be Down”) aren’t unreasonable and are likely an accurate indication of Thicke’s musical tastes. (Universal)