Robert Robert "Lonely Road" (ft. ZéFIRE)

Robert Robert 'Lonely Road' (ft. ZéFIRE)
Musician/producer Arthur Gaumont Marchand is set to release the next EP under his Robert Robert moniker. But before the tongue-in-cheek Not Self-Titled EP arrives, Exclaim! is pleased to premiere the brand new lead single "Lonely Road."
Growing up in the musical metropolis of Montreal, Marchand's influences are varied and vast. Evolving from an early affiliation with grunge, folk and hip-hop, Marchand's music as Robert Robert hears him experimenting more towards the R&B end of the musical spectrum, incorporating elements of jazz and hip-hop, while maintaining an air of electro.
On "Lonely Road," he blends almost rock-tinged synth-pop with the rap stylings of ZéFIRE, showcasing his knack for seamlessly bringing together seemingly incompatible genres.
"Lonely Road" will appear on Robert Robert's Not Self-Titled EP, which comes out on June 2 through Silverstag. For now, though, get your first listen to the new song in the player below.