Robert Pollard Fiction Man

Having recently announced the dissolution of his longstanding Guided By Voices project at year’s end, Robert Pollard predates GBV’s final album with a solo effort that may end up surpassing his band’s last hurrah. Recorded with the assistance of Todd Tobias, brother of recently estranged GBV bassist Tim, the 14 songs of Fiction Man spotlight the diverse, eclectic side of Pollard that the last few GBV albums have almost all but ignored. With Tobias handling near everything except for vocals, the album is an adventurous foray into what has always made Robert Pollard shine: a keen sense of adventure. The faux electronica of "I Expect a Kill,” the shimmering acoustic jangle of "Children Come On” and the early Who mod stomp of "Paradise Style” are all songs that would be stand out GBV songs. If he’s using these gems on this record, Pollard better really have some killer shit for the GBV grand finale. (Rockathon)