Robert McCreedy Streamline

When Robert McCreedy left the Volebeats in 1999, he hopped in his car and left Detroit behind. It seems this road trip to Minneapolis has influenced his first solo outing, Streamline. This album has a lovely open feel to it; the windows are down and the wind is blowing in. Reminiscent of much of the Volebeats’ material, McCreedy echoes the dusty feel of the Byrds and the worldliness of Tom Petty, while we get to travel all over the map with hope and wonder. What will be in the next town, the next track? The sunny picture on the understated cover reminds me of those cool mornings when you wake up in an anonymous motel with only the open road ahead. The sun starts to shine with the poppy opener "Diana” and you cruise through the day, hitting rest stops like "Love Without Shame” to slow down and stretch your legs. And no road trip is complete without truck stops and diners with great jukeboxes. Drop your coin in and "Float Away” will filter through the speakers. These trips always start with a healthy mix of excitement and trepidation, while they end with restorative satisfaction. Robert McCreedy’s Streamline is such a road trip. (Safe House)