Robert Görl Sexdrops

Robert Görl is best known as one half of the legendary German group Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft (D.A.F.), who along with a small handful of others virtually defined EBM in the late '70s and early '80s (creating the blueprint for Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, etc.), and were precursors to minimalist techno, industrial dance music and trance. Görl's most recent solo work has been made available through underground electronic label disko b, and both Sexdrops and Final Metal Pralinées continue the search for the ultimate hypnotic groove. Görl has chosen to work with a very limited palette to produce his latest tracks, distilling his beat-driven loops to their essence. Each song is comprised of a simple repeating electronic sequence, which is carried along by a steady four/four kick drum and hi-hat beat. Over the course of two CDs, a snare drum is only introduced on one occasion (the song "Rave Plastik"), accentuating the unrelenting metronomic rhythms being created, surprisingly sparse considering Görl's background as a drummer. Sexdrops, the earlier of the two albums, is a more concise collection, nine tracks of unrelenting beats and undulating bass lines. The tracks develop as Görl subtly manipulates the elements involved, filtering the sounds, adding effects, turning on and off the hi-hats and creating tension through endless repetition (in the tradition of Suicide's Martin Rev). (disko b)