Robert Görl Final Metal Pralinées

Final Metal Pralinées is apparently Görl's final album, before he abandons music to become a Buddhist monk in Asia. This album refines the process heard on Sexdrops even further and is more varied in its results. The cover of the CD proudly displays a photo of Görl leaning on boxes for a Korg MS-20 analogue synthesiser and a Korg SQ-10 analogue sequencer, indicating his instruments of choice. The music on Görl's swan song is a collection of looping electronic motifs, again driven by the same basic beat. The sounds that Görl conjures up this time around are much more interesting, ranging from controlled white noise bursts and sweeps of opener "One More Hour" to the burbling, squelchy sounds of "Artificial Water" to the raw videogame bleeps of "Las Vegas Cowboy" to the harsh acid-like tones of "Kdb." At times punishing in its economy, but ultimately captivating and uncompromising electronic music. (disko b)