Rob Swift Wargames

An anti-Bush scratch record? It’s not that turntablists don’t have a voice when it comes to America’s lousy politics, but the whole concept of sampling and scratching George Bush’s public addresses just seems so tired these days. Still, Rob Swift was always the most musically-driven X-Ecutioner and had the sense of leaving his old crew’s sinking ship to focus on being a solo artist, which is good for us as Rob keeps things true to hip-hop on Wargames. Primarily an instrumental concept record, Rob delivers what he does best and starts to tear the shit out of records over hardcore war beats, such as the absolutely sinister and cleverly titled "A Terror Wrist.” Large Professor appears to make a rare MC appearance reciting his famous words in a remix of Main Source’s "Just a Friendly Game of Baseball,” and thankfully doesn’t change the crooked cop message to reflect the current President. Rob hasn’t created something as important as Wave Twisters, but it’s obvious that he’s as strong a contender amongst his peers of coming out with hip-hop’s next great scratch record. (Coup De Grace)