Rob Sonic Telecatessen

Welcome to the grocery list of Rob Sonic's mind. He does his shopping at a deli that's open all night long offering all kinds of telling treats. Let Rob make you a sandwich and it will be some heavy sourdough shit filled with so many cold cuts you won't know which one is which. Once your neck stops snapping, pay attention to the lyrical flow — Sonic's an MC with a voice like an instrument firing out bullets of ideas, phrases, words, names and disconnected sentences that somehow all make sense in the end. He chops up thoughts on politics, music, marketing, the media industry and basically the state of the world like a really good stir-fry. A flavourful serving is the banger "Sniper Picnic” featuring Creature and Hangar 18, but the main hotness in this dish is Rob's gripping style over a bed of driving, electronic grimy hip hop beats. "New Car Smell,” "Strange Hammer,” "Former Future,” and "Dylsexia” are just a few of the standout tracks on this self-produced raptelicacy. You'll be left with a stuffed belly for sure. (Definitive Jux)