Riz Ortolani

'Cannibal Holocaust' (film score sampler)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 12, 2015

Despite its many gruesome scenes, infamous faux snuff film Cannibal Holocaust's most disturbing elements is how damn beautiful the score is. After some delays, Mondo/Death Waltz/One Way Static are just about ready to release Riz Ortolani's soundtrack on vinyl for the first time, and you can hear a couple snippets before you can eat up the whole thing.

Of Mondo's teaser tracks, we've got a gut feeling that the serene acoustic guitar and symphony string arrangement of "Crucified Woman" will shoot right through you. Also oddly endearing is the early '80s romance flick direction of the main theme, which laces the juicy oohs and ahhs of a choir around succulent string work and a full-bodied backbeat. "Cameramen's Recreation" adds a little saucy synth-funk to the template.

A second sampler from Death Waltz/One Way Static, who issue the OST in Europe, adds previews of "Adulteress' Punishment" and "Drinking Coco."

Cannibal Holocaust is expected to go up for sale on both sides of the pond tomorrow (February 13). If you think you can stomach it, Mondo is also hosting an "Anti-Valentines" dinner in Austin, TX, ahead of a screening of the movie, with the meal featuring Cannibal Holocaust-themed courses of "Human Stew," "Monkey Brains" and more.

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