Rivers Cuomo Announces New Japanese-Language Album as Scott & Rivers

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 5, 2017

Back in 2013, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and Scott Murphy of Allister released a full-length Japanese-language album as Scott & Rivers. Now, the pair have finally teamed up for a follow-up effort.

Titled ニマイメ, the record features 12 tracks and will arrive on April 12 through Sony Music Japan International. The title loosely translates as "second album," but unfortunately it will only be released in Japan.

The album art, which you can see above, was done by manga artist Eisaku Kubonouchi, who tried to capture "if the two people of Scott & Rivers were raised in the Showa era of Japan," according to a press release.

In a (translated) statement, Scott & Rivers said of the album art: "There were some ideas before becoming this jacket, but when I was troubled... I received an illustration from Kubonouchi and became captivated. It is a great appreciation because it became a wonderful jacket."

Though only available to view in Japan, Scott & Rivers have also shared a new lyric video for the track "変わらぬ想い," which features miwa.

The duo said, "When I thought that I wanted to collaborate with this song, it was miwa who came up first, so I am really happy to realize it. This was the first time that we collaborated with female artists, but I think that the collaboration feeling became stronger by having some lyrics participate in miwa-chan, and I think that it was able to be a wonderful song."

You can find "変わらぬ想い" below, where you'll also see the album's tracklist, as well as new album tracks "FUN IN THE SUN" and "Doo Wop."

You can pre-order the album here on Amazon.


1. 僕らの未来
2. Doo Wop feat. キヨサク (MONGOL800) 
4. カリフォルニア サンシャイン
5. 風吹けば
6. ニューガール
7. 君はサイクロン
8. スコリバのテーマ
9. 本音なんだ。
10. ハミングバード
11. 変わらぬ想い with miwa
12. パンツ脱ぐ(ボーナス・トラック)


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