Rivers Cuomo "God Only Knows" (Beach Boys cover)

Rivers Cuomo 'God Only Knows' (Beach Boys cover)
Anyone who has listened to the soaring melodies and sunny harmonies of 1994's Blue Album knows that Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is a devoted Beach Boys fan. He even released a version of "Don't Worry Baby" on his demos collection Alone II in 2008. It's not too surprising then, that Cuomo has released his own home recorded cover of "God Only Knows."

Performed on piano and recorded with a single camera, it's a rough but affecting take on the Pet Sounds classic, which frequently ranks high on lists of the best songs of all time. If you've been turned off by the studio gloss of some of Weezer's recent efforts, you'll find it refreshing to hear his cracking voice on this emotive performance.