Riverboat Gamblers To The Confusion of our Enemies

Despite having caught this band live at least two times this summer, I find it impossible to recognise a single song here. Perhaps that’s because the band’s manic live show dwarfs their music, making for an intriguing conundrum — what’s more important? Oddly, the music here is incredibly solid, and could stand up on its own without a truly insane live show to back it up. It’s almost like two entirely separate Riverboat Gamblers exist, and this one is more than worthy of your time, money, and iPod space. Like a really poppy MC5, they kick out some serious riff-based jams with great, melodic vocals over top, lending the band to a more commercial sound than many of the Detroit’s other rock disciples. Commercial doesn’t have to mean bland, though, and at no point do the band seem in it for the money; they just seem to be making accessible music. Songs like "The Art of Getting Fucked” were written for your upcoming backyard BBQ, while "True Crime” could be the soundtrack to a beer commercial you haven’t seen yet. (Volcom)