River Tiber Returns with "Deep End"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Dec 10, 2018

Nearly a full year removed from sharing his "Patience" single, River Tiber has returned with a new song titled "Deep End."

In a press release, Tommy Paxton-Beesley revealed he recorded his vocals that accompany his woozy sonics during one of Toronto's noisiest weekends. 

"When I was recording the vocals for this song there were these fighter jets from the CNE airshow flying overhead that were so loud," he recalled. "So I hit record and got an hour or so of these incredible sounds and used them as transitions — the sound of burning oil."

The single's art, seen above, was shot by frequent collaborator Devon "Devo" Little. 

"Devo took the cover photo when we were on tour living in a suspended reality for a few days," Paxton-Beesley added. "I never even knew he took it, I was in a dream. I was listening to the song and looking through old photos and it stood out. It was a moment in time, the beginning and the end. I had started writing the song that same month."

River Tiber last released his Indigo full-length in 2016. 

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