River Tiber

"I'm a Stone"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 8, 2016

Toronto-based alt-R&B artist River Tiber is drifting ever closer to the release of his debut LP Indigo, and has shared another new album cut in "I'm a Stone" ahead of the record's release.

Gentle and unobtrusive until some booming bass kicks in during the track's back half, the song is marked by its circular, arpeggiated keyboard melody. 

Speaking with Mass Appeal, he revealed that the keyboard part was written before the lyrics. "My boy Kwikfiks and I were in the studio vibing and he was messing with sounds on this dope old Italian synth I have," he revealed. "He dialed in the sound, I played the arp on it, and it was a vibe right away."

Indigo arrives June 24. Take a listen to "I'm a Stone" in the player below.

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