Ritual Dictates

Give In to Despair

BY Mark TremblayPublished Apr 6, 2020

Ritual Dictates, the brainchild of former 3 Inches of Blood members Justin Hagberg and Ash Pearson, unleash their debut, and it houses a wide breadth of heavy metal. With everything from blast beats and tremolo black metal riffs to the pleasing harmonies of traditional heavy metal, there is something on Give In to Despair that'll please listeners of all flavours of heavy music.
The strength of Give In to Despair is its chameleon-like ability to segue from one style to another. The effortlessness of songs like "Given to Despair," "Poisonous Proclamation" and "Extinction" seem to transfer from absolute abrasion to borderline classic rock that create this great emotional complexity. One is never quite sure what is to come next with Ritual Dictates.
Ash Pearson's ability to incorporate all sorts of techniques and patterns is something to be highly commended. From all of his patterns on "Last Phase of Life," "Terror of Time" and "Indivisible Mind" show the chops and wide range of skills that Pearson has in his arsenal.
Give In to Despair is a celebration of heavy metal in all of its forms. Ritual Dictates have created a enjoyable and exciting metal album that is very unpredictable.

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