R.I.P. Devo Drummer Alan Myers

R.I.P. Devo Drummer Alan Myers
Post-modern rock masters Devo have already spent a portion of their year reminiscing, recently reissuing their Hardcore Vol. 1 and Hardcore Vol. 2 albums. Now, they'll continue to look back as they remember drummer Alan Myers, who has passed away following a long struggle with cancer.

Myers was the third drummer for Devo, replacing Jim Mothersbaugh in 1976. His tenure in the band involved their most successful period, with hit single "Whip It" and albums Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, Duty Now for the Future and Freedom of Choice, among others.

Myers left the band sometime between 1986 and 1987 to pursue other projects. At the time of his death, he was regularly performing in a band called Skyline Electric with his wife Christine (Sugiyama) Myers and a handful of experimental musicians.

The news arrived via jazz musician Ralph Carney, a former collaborator and uncle of the Black Keys' Patrick Carney. On his Facebook, he wrote, "I just got some bad news. Alan Myers passed yesterday from cancer. He was Devo's best drummer and one of the first people to teach me about jazz. I cry………."

Taking to Twitter, Devo's Gerard Casale wrote, "In praise of Alan Myers, the most incredible drummer I had the privilege to play with for 10 years. Losing him was like losing an arm. RIP!! I begged him not to quit Devo. He could not tolerate being replaced by the Fairlight and autocratic machine music. I agreed. Alan, you were the best — a human metronome and then some. A once in a lifetime find thanks to Bob Mothersbaugh. U were born to drum Devo!"

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