Ringo Starr Planned to Open a Salon Before the Beatles' Success: "None of Us Thought It Would Last a Week"

"Paul was going to write, I was going to open a hairdresser's, George would get a garage"

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 7, 2023

The Beatles' new and final song "Now and Then" came out less than a week ago, but has already been streamed by tens of millions of people. Although Exclaim! isn't as impressed with the track, the Beatles' global popularity was bound to garner quite the audience — but, at the time of the band's conception in 1960, none of the members expected they'd stay together long enough to release music, let alone accrue such a dedicated fanbase. 

Speaking to The Sunday Times this weekend, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney expressed their disbelief at the band's longevity. 

"When we started, we thought that, maybe, we'd have 10 years — that was the maximum span for a rock 'n' roll group," McCartney said. 

For his part, Starr was a bit more pessimistic about the group's outcome. "None of us thought it would last a week!" he rebutted. "Paul was going to write, I was going to open a hairdresser's, George would get a garage. But it went on and then it ended. And at the right time, I think."

The surviving Beatles also touched on the losses of John Lennon and George Harrison in the interview, with Starr providing a simple "I still miss them, man," while McCartney revealed touching anecdotes about both. 

"I see photos of George and remember how we went hitchhiking, sitting by the road, buying ourselves creamed rice. John and I went hitchhiking too. We ended up in Paris," he recalled. "All the memories flood back ... But, oh God, it's sad these guys are not here."

"Now and Then" might've missed the mark, but it certainly invokes a sense of nostalgia, as does footage of all four Beatles reunited in the song's Peter Jackson-directed music video, which you can watch below. 

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